Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who subsribed to my blogs?

Okay I have been wanting to know who subscribed to my blogs. I check at feedburner and I found out that I need to go Publicize then Click on Email Subscription and then the Subscription Management to view who is my subscribers . This is the first time I find out about how to check on who subscribed to my blogs.

Is that how you find out about who subscribed to your blog? This blog I have 5 subscribers. In fact this is the only blog with most subscribers. I am still trying to see if this is the correct way to check out who subscribed to my blogs.

I just check again and see that my shopping blog have 4 subscribers but 1 of them did not verified the email.

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The Guru said...

Hi Sherry, FeedBurner gives you a sleek widget (called chicklet) that shows list of today's email subscribers. You can view the complete list of email subscribers by logging to feedburner (I think you already did it, right?). You can also insert email subscription widget on your blog...

By the way, I liked your blog very much and am a regular visitor. I wish we could exchange blogroll links with my site: Hungamablog? Just drop a comment on my site and we are done!