Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chan is now a school teacher

My primary classmate Chan is now a school teacher. I am so happy for her. She gets married last year and I was unable to attend her wedding. We still keep in touch and mostly using cell phone for SMS. I am happy for her as her has found the love of her life. '

I am sure she has plan on Valentine's Day celebration. I remembered my dad used to bought flower for my mom. My mom does not like any flower from him any more. He bought fake rose to her. I know it is better and long lasting than fake flower.

I wanted to ask her about Chan Poker . I am not sure if she has played this poker before. She told me that during Chinese New Year she has played poker with her friends. I am sure she like to know the latest news from the world of poker.

As a teacher today, she told me that it is not easy to teach at students. There was a time she has to take a day off because she lost her voice for a day. I think she must have talk so much in the teaching lesson.

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