Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good influence or Bad influence?

What can you tell me about good influence and bad influence? I am sure when you think about. There are so many things you have in mind. Just like me I am thinking whether my uncle is a good influence or a bad influence. My uncle likes to spend most of his time on the table. He likes to play games and one of the games is the mahjung. Once he get started he will not stop, they are going to have four people to play this game. They will spend hours there because they need to play for many rounds.

I do not want to offence him but I find that what he is doing has set us a bad example. No offence! I think he is better spend the time to find a job rather than playing mahjung. I think if he is playing this mahjung game for long term. They will be not enough food for the entire family. He needs to set good example in the family.

I think it is important to find what you love to do. I know that if my uncle find out about Casino Reviews. He will be sticking his head there. We need to balance our life on things we do. Even though we love to do, what we are doing. We need to know when the right time is.

My friend started smoking because she saw her colleague smoking. She is unable to quit smoking now and she needs to smoke everyday. At first, she told me that smoking can slim down. I do not know where she hears this from. As she told me that it does not help her to slim down at all.

When comes to good influence or bad influence. It is our decision to make whether it is good or not. If everyone is doing it, this does not mean that we need to follow them along.

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