Sunday, February 22, 2009

Costume Giveaway

Vote for your top three and you're entered for a chance to win!

Vote for your top three and you might win one! I am sure you like to have one of them for kids.

What can you win? Gift Certificate!

Find out this giveaway, as it going to end on 27 Feb, 2009.

If you love contest and you love costume, this is the chance for you to win.


Jes said...

wow nice costumes....i dnt wanna take part to some contest waiting for architect's give away soon ahahha =) i want a challenging on ehehhe =) nweis, is it true that you cant log in...why is that so? nweis hope you can log in soon!

Sherry said...

hehe.. she is having giveaway that is great. Any idea when that will be? Not sure its open to ALL.