Thursday, February 19, 2009

Read before you do anything

I am sure everyone has a hobby like take part in a contest or play games. So I like to say is that I notice some blogger might have jump to conclusion before read the whole post. Personally, I have such experienced myself thinking that the contest is held at the blog I visited. You know you have got to open your eyes to read the whole post before you do anything.

As you know I love take part in contest as well. That is why I am have started this blog. Spread the love giveaway is held by gengen and not by me. I like to clear this up as someone has comment in post with their blog post and entries. I did go back to their post to leave comment on where the contest held.

If you love contest like me, I like to invite you to take part in this contest and mention referral by me. This will help me to earn five points and help you to earn three points. See you are not just helping me but help yourself at the same time too. As you know some contest will need to accumulate points.

Just like you enjoy take part in a contest you will need to find where the contest held. I know sometimes you do overlook it. Anyway I am looking for poker games, I definitely need to find the right Online Poker Rooms.

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