Sunday, February 1, 2009

Make Money, Win Prizes & Help Fight Homelessness!

This is the month of February. This is time for you to Fight to End Poverty - Make Money, Win Prizes & Help Fight Homelessness. I am sure you like to know what are the Prizes awaiting you to win. Jim from THENETFOOL.COM is giving you the chance to win such awesome Prizes.

Gold Metal Prize
Those who earn over $40,000 - Ipod Touch 8GB & a VIZIO 37" LCDHDTV + $500 Donation

Silver Medal Prize
Those who earn over $18,000 - ASUS Eee PC 1002HA 10inch Network + $300 Donation

Bronze Medal Prize
Those who earn over $2,000 - XBox Elite 360 + $100 Donation

Blogger Prize
8GB iPod Nano + $50 Donation

This is a nice contest where you can do good deed and make money at the same time. Hey, you can win Prizes as well. You can help the homeless at the same time.

There are a few ways to win the blogger prize, and there will be a random drawing to select the winner:

  • Ten Entries: Sign Up with Motive Interactive and confirm/verify your account
  • Five Entries: Subscribe to via email subscription RSS
  • Fifteen Entries: Write a 500+ word post on your blog about this contest
  • Ten Entries: Promote this competition on your blog with a 125×125 banner ad
  • 1/2 Entry: Leave a comment anywhere on this blog (must be a real comment!)
  • Five Entries: Promote the competition by “Stumble”ing or “Digg”ing this post
  • Ten Entries: Subscribe to the new The Net Fool dot com newsletter
How You Can Participate and Earn Prizes
A contestant can participate in this contest by ether earning entries or earning money with Motive Interactive. The high-end prizes are available only to those that want to sign up to Motive Interactive and their new Advent 2.0 management system, and earn some cash!

Tiered Prizes:

Contestants looking to earn the top prizes must be registered through’s official referral link so that Jim might track your earnings progress. Don’t worry, you still have complete privacy as Jim can’t see anything but a number and an earnings total. Already signed up to Motive Interactive? You can still participate if you email Luke Smith your referral ID and your intent to enter this competition… then they can track you, and you can earn prizes!

This contest has started and ends on 28 Feb, 2009. Just click on link above for more info.

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