Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cupid Blogger : Valentine's Day Blog Contest

This is a lovely contest at Cupid Blogger. If you love contest and Valentine's you will love to take part in this Valentine's Day Blog Contest. The contest has started and ends on 28 Feb, 2009.

I’ve just subscribed to - a blog that share everything about love and relationship with the famous tagline - “Spreading Love Over Blogosphere”. Let me share with you guys why I’ve decided to subscribe to this blog. I subscribe because this blog has information about love in relationship and more.

Subscribe to this blog now and you might stand a chance to win some awesome Valentine’s Day giveaway courtesy of Blog for Beginners,, and How To Attract Women


Cupid Blogger said...


Thanks for the write up. I appreciate it so much. Happy Valentine's Day to you in advance.

Jes said...

you do love contest really!!! heheheh =)
i have an award for yah! visit

Paul U said...

I notice that you are writing about contest but you didn't write about my contest so I'm personally inviting you to join my blog contest.

Sherry said...

@cupidblogger, thanks for the invite. :)

@Jes, thanks will try do soon.

@Paul U, already post your contest at Another Contest blog.

Sweepstakes Finder said...

Thanks for the link, I love contests like these. Here are a few others I've found recently: