Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ninth Day of Chinese New Year

Yesterday is the Ninth Day of Chinese New Year. Ninth Day of Chinese New Year was the celebration of the Jade Emperor's Birthday. My friend Lyn was telling me that she will be busy on that night because her family is having prayer that night. The Hokkien community were the one busy preparing for the ninth day of this lunar new year.

Do you know what food items are bought for prayers? The most important will be sugar cane. Some people are busy with preparing for the prayers. Some people on the other hand is busy with other things. My sister has start work since last Wednesday.

My dad went to visit my uncle and aunt the other day. He told me that they are busy playing poker, mahjung and other gaming. I think if they know how to use computer and Internet. I am sure they will be interested to play Casino Online .

I think everyone will need to get their beauty sleep after one tired day. My friend Lyn is going back to work tomorrow. She has such a long break for Chinese New Year. I hope there is no jet-leg for her. I think some people have jet-leg after a long break.

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