Thursday, February 5, 2009

What can you do with money?

I am sure this is everyone favorite's subject. It is all about money. Tell me what can you do with money? I am sure you can think of many reasons. Some of my friends have started their own business with their money. I am very happy for them. If I have the money I like to do small business or some investment as well.

Money is what I used to pay for debts, bills and buying food. My dad always teaches me to save more than spending. I am try my best to do that. Money can be spend on celebration too and it will be fun if the celebration has many friends and family members to take part.

Recently, I read in newspaper about Gold Investing. I think in some country it is very common that people have start investment in gold. I am interested to know more about investment information of Gold.

I cannot deny that gold is getting expensive. My friend's sister loves shopping for jewelry and she bought gold rings, gold necklace, etc. I think she can save up the money for gold investment. She has so many jewelries I do not see her wearing all of them.

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