Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How sugar cane looked like?

Some people does not know how sugar cane looks like. I found this pictures at photobucket.

Sugarcane Pictures, Images and Photos

Above pic is by Abeautyinside

sugarcane Pictures, Images and Photos
Above pic is by iahlynx

Sugarcane is sweet, usually you will see people drinks sugar cane. My dad used to plant sugar cane but not any more. This plant attracts many ants. Big ones which are red in color! I got bitten by red aunts before and the pain is awful!

Do you know that sugar canes are made for sugar too. It is sweet and I think the name for sugarcane really matched!


Jes said...

hahahah =) sugar came from the word sugarcane heheheh =) yes sugars came from sugar cane. And sugar cane can be a vinegar too ...i love sugar cane, when i was a kid there's sugar cane farm where I live and we ussualy eat it! its hard to eat because it is very hard. =) you ned to cut in into pieces first! Oh, i miss sugarcanes!!! nice post! makes me remember my childhood =)

Sherry said...

Jes, so true! sugar cane not sweet cane. Yeah I bite them before its very hard. My dad told me it will gives you strong teeth!