Monday, February 16, 2009

What children see, children do!

Do you believe that what children see, children do? How about monkeys see, monkey do? I am sure you have seen this before on the TV. Do you think it is okay for children to drink coffee? I have seen parents giving their children to drink coffee. When I was a kid, I drank coffee too but when I was a teen I prefer to drink tea. Now, I am back drinking coffee again.

My friend has told me that her kids love playing games and they will push one another away. Another friend was telling me that her son has started a bad habit. That is learning to smoke! He did not use a cigarette but use other replacement like pencil or pen even battery. He saw people smoking at the restaurants and streets. Wow, I think kids learn fast but it is important to let them know what is right and what is wrong.

Tell me do you have Nintendo? I do not have one but I can see that children have them. No kidding, even parents will be take turn to play with them. If you love photography, I am sure your children will love them too.

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Jes said...

wow! yes i have seen so many kids here in the phils not just playing such games but PSP! most of the kids here that can afford to by has this PSP thing! OMG!

Sherry said...

hi jes, I cannot afford to buy them. I think the money can spend on better things.

MammaDawg said...

I am still trippin' on the coffee thing.


No sirree - not in this house.

Sherry said...

coffee? how about tea?