Saturday, May 2, 2009

Are you winner of Melvin Blog Birthday Contest?

I just reach home not long ago, then checking my email. Saw Mys commented and say I might be the Winner at Melvin Blog Birthday Contest. Thank you sis! Yeah I am! All I did is tweet the contest, I have not post about the contest at all.

Looks like still remember me. Okay look at what I have won.

  • Flip Ace (e-book) - Everyone who reads this blog knows Jason Pereira. He is the former owner of The University Kid and he’s been known well to produce high quality content for the blog and for the info products that he sells. Now he runs Make Money Dynamo where he know shares some of his secrets in making money online. Flip Ace is basically an info product about creating and selling websites.
  • Work Smart, Get Rich (e-book)- The creator of this one is the pal of the former one, Jim Reagan. Jim is the owner of the famous Net Fool which blogs about making money as well. Don’t get him wrong, his blog is followed by a thousand of readers who were obviously satisfied by his works. His ebook is about making money online by working the right way.
  • plus 1000 Entrecard Credits.
Now go ahead find out if you are one of the Winners!

1 comment:

suwari said...

Congrats on your winning. I hope I can read about work smart, get rich ebook. I thing is useful for me since I will start to taste the working environment this month.