Thursday, May 7, 2009

Clay and Clay products

If you like clay products, you might be interested to find out on how to make clay products. I am looking at their ceramic paint, I don't know that you can choose many color from there. I am sure they are many type of ceramic painting and these are good for water color effects and painting of fine detail.

There is no secret in making pottery or clay products, I am sure you will love these ceramic colors. I like to try out their Air Dry Modeling Clays, it is suitable for hand modeling or scuplting. I know this sound pretty easy but when you get your hands on it is different.

I think this is fun crafts for children and adults. I think everyone might need clay art dinnerware to get started. I have no idea that this comes in 19 shapes and sizes, I bet you will be interested to look for one that is suitable for you. I know some people do not have internet access, they can also contact AMACO at 800-374-1600.

It will be fun if I can find someone that has same interest with me to start this clay work. If you want to know more about clay and clay products just click on the link above.

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