Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fantasy Stock Market Game

Tell me what do you think of Fantasy Stock Market Game? It is my first time to know that there is Fantasy Stock Market Game, right now I am looking at the Wall Street Survivor Stock Market Contest Prize Pool. They have got Monthly and Weekly Prizes, and Daily Random Prizes. Who does not like to win Cash Prizes?

What will you do if you have a lot money? I think there are many ways to spend the money but why not think of investment. Have a look at this site and check out their online investing which is fun and challenging.

Nobody is expert in stock unless you have done your research and investment before. Log in to WallStreetSurvivor.com, you can get started with joining the Wall Street Survivor community. Advance traders can take advantage to test their novel and the strategies. This is a chance for advance traders to test what they have learned. They have got forums where members share ideas and strategies.

This is where you get to find updates of News for financial, market, market summary, stock, daily market outlook, video, and podcasts.

If you are interested to take part for their contest, be sure to check out the contest rules.


sen and qi said...

Dear Sherry thank you for stopping by my blog and entering the contest. That is wonderful and I hope to have bigger and better prizes as I go along. I will check out this stock market game contest and I really like your blog and will come back often. I hope we can become good blogging sisters. I will go and do a post on mine now and I will see you in the morning. God bless.

Sherry said...

you can go ahead have a look on this :).