Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Little Seat Giveaway

I am sure new parents will like to this cute little seats. My Little Seat Giveaway is your chance to win one. My Little Seat is a compact travel high chair made by a Canadian Mompreneur named Stephanie. I know some friends go for expensive high chair I think it will be better to choose this compact travel high chair.

Giveaway has started and a winner get the chance to win their very won Little Seat! To take part just click on the link above!

Giveaway ends on 15 May, 2009.


Jes said...

wow this is a nce give away but what are you going to do with this if you win eheheh =)
I am okay sis, Im fine, just that not active in blogging ...yeah are you a real estate agent now? eheheheh so youre the one looking for a tenant in your sis' apartment =) nice eheheh =)
remember the contest ive won? the yoplait set? i havent receive it yet buy sungurl said she forwarded my address to her sponsor, il wait for it this MAY =) im so excited you know this is my first ever random winnings =)

Arlene said...

i just sent you 1500! congrats.

which contest runs til june 7? u left me a message inmy other blog.

Sherry said...

hi Jes,my sis place got a lady want to buy but she not willing to sell. :(

hi arlene, I mean is that your ad is up at both my blogs Sherry Rambling and Another Contest blogs.