Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No match for the contest!

Tell me have you ever experienced a tough contest? I know that I have taken part in many contests and each has given me a different experienced. This contest that I am referring to is the one to win $500 cash and iPod Nano.

New Ipod Nano - Nine Amazing Colours

I knew the contest was going to be tough and hard to win. In fact we are still waiting for the contest result. I can tell you that my points in this contest is 1176 points, bear in mind I am not the one with the highest score. You can still check the score at the contest post.

Someone is leading with over 6000 points! You got to know your competitor in the contest you compete with you.

This is a challenging contest as you can see there are many participants that strive hard to win! The winner will be the one with the highest points in the contest.

Edit on 6 May, 2009. Look at the score list!

Here are the final points:

The Blogger Source ==> 6086

suwari ==> 23

Indo Contest ==> 5

Mystery ==> 7353

Brillie ==> 51

clickktdotcom ==> 78

hibasy ==> 59

Contest Junkie ==> 2370

Shubhamoy ==> 44

daniele / danielepach ==> 2444

Sherry ==> 1149

Meeting rooms ==> 60

Savings account ==> 30

munfaridon ==> 672

Sheryl ==> 1418

irish ==> 1777

CH ==> 5

peraduanku ==> 2570

adaengkantada ==> 24

Total 19 participants, but one winner… Congratulation to Mystery!


Arlene said...

hi sherry, congrats! transfer done. 1500 ec from my health blog. :)

bought ec ads too. :)

nite nite


fully paid na ako lahat ha? :)

Sherry said...

thanks Arlene, this contest still not announced the winner yet.