Monday, May 25, 2009

I need Personal Financial Planning

I am not sure how you handle your financial planning, but for me it is tough. I am not a saver but a spender, which is not good for me and my family. I do not know many website that have Personal financial planning. But I like to share with you which I just signed up.

I am impressed with their Prosperity Planner where you can create your very own Prosperity Planner Report. This site is user friendly that comes with comprehensive personal finance tool and they can identify your financial status based on you and your family's income.

Have I tell you that their product is completely FREE? I know some friends telling me about their long term planning but they have never plan it out. This is an easy and convenient for everyone to plan for their personal financial. They have got simple graphics with interactive features. I am not good in mathematics and this suitable for me. All I need to do is key in the numbers and click OK. If you are husband and wife you can even keyed in the spouse income, it is just next to My Income. I know you wonder where you can find this features, you will see them once you sign up for an account.

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