Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tiny Tea Cup Necklace

I cannot believe what I saw, but I like to tell you about it. Tiny Tea Cup Necklace, it is so cute and I like this necklace.

Picture 12

Picture 13

So sad I miss out this giveaway.


sen and qi said...

Oh I would have love to have got this one too! By the way the two payment proofs I have are open to international members too. It's really nice to get paid lol. I am waiting for ten bucks from another site also which is open for international members. I will post the proof as soon as I get it lol. With linkbucks convert every link you post anywhere into a linkbucks one and you get paid for every pageview. It's well worth it! Thanks for dropping by today, you made my day as I have the flu rofl

Sherry said...

yeah this necklace is lovely. :)