Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Which Proton cars will you choose?

I am having headache thinking about which Proton cars I will be interested to buy. My dad has got a Proton car that can be trade in RM$5,000 to buy another car. Of course it will be great if you can just take the money but it is not work that way.

You can trade in your Proton car like Proton Tiara, I just hope that what I am saying now is correct. I asked my friends and they told me about Perodua Myvi. I like that too but the car is costing more than RM$50,000 I cannot afford that at all.

My sis is in need of money now and best thing to do is sell her car. My dad is not happy as she is asking RM$8,000 from him. Anyone have any idea about making VISA to US will cost how much? She told my dad that it will cost RM$8,000.

Tell me what do you think of Proton Wira.

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