Thursday, May 28, 2009

Uniques Giveaway

I am taking part in Uniques Giveaway, I have visited the Uniques and I like them.

I am sure you want to know what you can win, a winner gets away with Flower pendant necklace from Uniques (You pick the cord length).

Giveaway has started and ends on June 3, 2009. To take part just click on the link above!


Rosa said...

hi sherry, thank your for letting me know that i won at thank you very much!:) i almost forgot that contest lol. thank you! i just email him. :)


Rosa said...

did he email you yet? i hope we get our prices:(

Sherry said...

hi Rosa, I did, so lets wait for it. Pray we can get the Prize :)

Rosa said...

my rosa loves got pr 2 now. but my still no pr. i think need to wait more month.

heartramdom? what pr do you have now?