Friday, March 27, 2009

Andy Lau and Carol Chu

Do you know who Andy Lau is? He is a famous singer and actor in Hong Kong. As for Carol Chu, I do not know who she is until I see the article online that she is a Malaysian. They have been dating for many years and supposed to get married end of next month.

They plan 3 days wedding ceremony to be held in Kuala Lumpur. But not any more Andy Lau has cancelled it as he found out that she is not pregnant.


Chris said...

i know Andy Lau... :) i didnt know he still is not married!

by the way, are you familiar with taiwanese drama? do you watch it?

Chris said...

i just finished watching "fated to love you"... and i loved it.. super!!!

have you watched it? do you speak mandarin?

Sherry said...

hi Chris, I do not know you watch Andy Lau and Taiwanese Drama ;) is it available in your area? What language is the drama?

Yeah Taiwan drama I seldom watch as they often crying. :(

Yeah I can speak mandarin.

Chris said...

i am a full blooded chinese. i went to chinese school here so i learned to speak mandarin. :) i watched taiwanese drama through the internet and DVDs :)

it is also shown here but it is already translated to local language.

Chris said...

well no, my hubby is not chinese. but id like to teach my kids to speak mandarin :)

Sherry said...

hi Chris, it will be great if they get to learn from young and master the language :)