Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking for free standing bookshelf

My sister told me that she is moving out of her apartment and she has many things books which she will wants to give me. I have got so books myself, even though I do not read much I have the books which I bought long ago when I was schooling and attending college. I also need to find bookshelf to put them.

I have check out the local store and mall but do not see any that offer free standing bookshelf. Where else is the best place to find free standing bookshelf, I am sure you know it too. Just a few clicks on the mouse will lead us to the site. Feruccio Laviani Bookshelf is the one I found and I love it! It is not only modern, I just like the style. There are two colors white and black. I will prefer the white one which made my room looking brighter. You know I do prefer bright color furniture.

What do you think of this Feruccio Laviani Bookshelf, I am sure everyone wants to have designer storage in their office or home? Can anyone guess how much it is going to cost? I think it will look great against the wall.

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