Monday, March 16, 2009

Looking at Puma Tote Bag

I do not know about you, I love bags and my sister has been telling me that I am having too many bags. I have no complained at all, I love them and I get to change to use bag every time. Going shopping is so much easier with so many bags to choose from. Right now I am eyeing on the pink tote bag. Do you know which bag I am referring to? It is the Puma tote bag.

I am not only like the color of pink. I am a pink fan! I like tote because it is not too big and I can get around in the shopping mall easily. I like Puma tote bag with interior zip pocket. I think this is a good match with my pink sandals.

The other day I saw my friend with a sporty handbag from Puma, she loves it and keeps telling me how much she likes to use it. I like the design of Puma tote bag, it is pink color too which is my favorite color. I do not see much choice of pink color tote bags here. When I think of pink color, I remember my favorite movie Legally Blonde 2.

I am going to tell my friends who love pink to check out this tote bag!

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