Sunday, March 29, 2009

Win $50 Cash @GoTipsters

There is more than just contest that I love. If you are interested to know more about soccer and football. I am sure you like to know that you have the chance to win $50 Cash@GoTipsters. This contest is held at GoTipsters, the blog where you can find soccer tips and foodball predictions. I am sure everyone will like to win Cash so take this chance and take part to win.

The Grand Prize

$50 Cash Paid via PayPal!

Exclusive and private 3 (three) soccer tips!
(Means the tips will NOT be posted here! Just for you!)

A one month free 125x125 banner placement in all pages!

About how to take part just click on the link above. It is easy to take part, just give a try, who knows you might win.

Contest ends on 12 April, Winner will be announced on 15 April, 2009.

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