Thursday, March 12, 2009

What do you think of Majorca?

Besides blogging I am interested to check out on places to go where it is suitable for family and friends. One of my friends is planning to get married and they are looking for cheap holiday in Majorca. I think they like to go there for their honeymoon.

Do you know that Majorca is the largest island of Spain? I have not been there before and I hope some day I can go there for holiday. I have so many places in mind that I like to visit. I just find out that October is the good time for cheap deal. I think people who love the nature will like to go there. If you have the time you can check Majorca Holidays .

Almost forgot that my sister's friend has planned to go for honeymoon in May, they are going with family and closed friends. It is wonderful because they get to spend time with friends and family at the same time. It is sad that we are not going as everyone has got things to do.

I know it is important to do what you love to do but it is also important to have time off. I think going for holiday will be good, Majorca is a paradise just waiting to be discovered.

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