Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who want luxury home?

First I like to know what type of luxury home you have in mind. I am sure everyone has got at least one in mind. I know some people dream of having luxury home just like Celebrities. My cousin is planning to get married next year. He and her girl friend will like to build their dream home. I am sure they will need to check on the home plans. Which is the most important room in a home for you? I think it will be the master bedroom and the bathroom. Maybe it is just for me, I know you have got something else in mind.

My cousin's girl friend will want to have a study room where she can do her studies and work from there. They prefer a quiet place and not staying in the city. Perhaps the log home plan will be good for them to have a look.

Personally, I do not to have a sharing bathroom as when you got to go you have to go. There is not time to wait for that moment. It is really up to them to decide on how they want to have the luxury home plan. With Internet access today, it will be easier for them to find source online. I am sure they can work it out together, with so many home plans on the website they can take time to browse them.

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