Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rings for attire

Tell me if you like rings, I know some people likes to rings collection. Here's one where you can check out. Cavalli Octopus Rings by Roberto Cavalli with the price of $335. I think this can be for couple rings, where you can have one and your loved one also having one.

I love shopping and I think shopping is the fun time for every girl and woman. I know they are many type of jewelry, apart from necklace, bracelets and chains. I just love rings because it is easy for me to put on and easy for me to remove. Rings are my favorite jewelry, tell me what is yours.

If you have got a type of ring in mind, which would it be? I am thinking of one that get everyone attention. Cavalli Octopus Rings will sure get everyone attention, I think they are perfect match. Think of one for him and one for her.

My former college classmate loves shopping and I know she like designer's rings. I am sure she will want to see this, just look at the picture of the rings the Ornate gold tone octopus tentacles encircle a smooth cabochon of turquoise or amethyst. Mother's day is coming up, maybe she can buy them for this special moment.

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