Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who knows poker strategy?

Last year I played Poker during Chinese New Year but I am not a good player and I always lose in the game. Tell me who knows the poker strategy? Are you a good player yourself? I am playing it for fun during the Chinese New Year, where friends and relatives will come to play. I thought this game you can only play on the special occasion but not really you can play it any time any where too.

Just the other day I saw some people at playing poker at the coffee shop, they have bring a long their laptop as the shop has provided Internet Service for guest. I am glad with Internet access I am able to find Poker Strategy. This website is where beginner like me gets to learn to play poker online. I am sure there are rules to learn in playing the game.

I know my dad has no interest in playing poker, but my uncle is the one that interested to know more. He is bored of playing mahjung everyday, he played poker before but he is not good with them and always losing the games. Nobody is born to know everything, so it is time for us to learn something new.

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