Sunday, March 15, 2009

Win $1289.06@The Greatest Blog Contest

I want to tell you that this contest huge, you can win many Prizes. You can win $1289.06 worth of Prizes@The Greatest Blog Contest. They are total of 27 bundled in 15 of Prizes.

The Greatest Blog Contest - 1289$ of prizes to be won

The Complete Prizes List

  1. Two copy of Comodo Internet Security Pro from Comodo (2X39$ = 78$)
  2. One eWebGuru Gold Web Hosting plan from eWebGuru (54.06$)
  3. Four copies of Work Smart Get Rich e-book from Jim Regan of The Net Fool (4X15$ = 60$)
  4. One Ultimate Blog Theme by Carl Ocab (67$)
  5. One Text Advert at Retire @ 21 (60$)
  6. One Blog Review (25$) and one 125X125 Sidebar Ads (10$) at Computer Talks
  7. Two 125X125 Sidebar Ads at Tech Zoom In (2X15$ = 30$)
  8. One Blog Review from FasBlog (50$)
  9. Two125X125 Sidebar Banners (2X15$ = 30$) and one Blog Review (30$) at Greatest Reviews Dot Net and a Secret prize (xXxx$)
  10. 795.00$ worth of prizes from CreWind our Super Sponsor (details below)
The contest has started and ends on 30 April, 2009. Winners to be announced on 5 May, 2009. For info on how to take part just click on the link above!

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