Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling lost?

Right now I am not only feeling lost but feeling hungry as well. I have no rest at all as checking and submit my blogs url link for the contest that I took part earlier on. It will be time to do that as there is checking and everything else that I need to do. No rest for me today, maybe I will continue to do it later on.

I check my horoscope for this month and know that I am not the only one feeling lost. I need to keep calm and wait it out a little before pressing the panic button. I know I cannot lash out at my friends and family it will not be fair for them. So let's cool down and take a cold shower. Ummm... I can't go for cold shower as I need warm one. LOL!

Oh I got to know that Jade's contest going to start on 21 March. That means I will be busy again with the contest.

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