Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going to gym needs money

Yesterday I cannot send the entrecard credits out as it said only 25,000EC per week. So I tried again and able to send 2,500EC to the winner of Mammadawg's Everglow Party. I have starting going for the walk at the garden, I start by going for 15 minute walk. Do you think it is too short time?

My sister keeps telling me that I supposed to run and not walk. I prefer to walk because if I run I will be catching my breath. Still remember I posted about the gym membership? I forgot to mention that they told me if I am going to cancel for the gym, I will need to pay $188 for cancellation.

Just now, my dad came by and told me that he has got the membership at a club. So I asked him if I am allow to go, he told me there will be guest day where I can go. He is not sure which day is it, I need to go find out. I will need to ask if there is a need to giving any extra fees. I know for better health, I need to go exercise and not sitting around.

I have seen the makeover by Cathy for my shopping blog. I am hoping to see how it looks like soon. I am so excited that I can have the same designer for my blog. This blog is designed by Cathy too! You can see this signature at the lower right bar of this blog.

I am still checking for Heart Random feedburner password as I forgot about it. I recall sign up an email account for that. Now I am not sure which email is it and the password too.


Jes said...

yeah going to gym will cost a lot of money hehehe =) thnks for dropping to my site....did you miss me heheheh =) have a good day!

Sherry said...

yeah miss you so much, jes. we must be rich to be able go gym!