Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lucky Winner of MammaDawg's Everglow Party!

I am sure you know I taken part in MammaDawg's Everglow Party. The result is out! First I like to congrats the Winners.

I am so happy to see that I am one of the Bonus Prize Winner.

Bonus Prize Winners
Bonus Prize Winner #1 - Sherry
Blog hosting for 12 months from Mom’s Hosting plus 125x125 ad at PR4 blog for one month

*~* And our GRAND PRIZE Winner is... Sherry! *~*

Must be my lucky day! I am so happy and excited about this. So what is the Grand Prize?

  • 55,000+ Entrecard Credits
  • Choice Advertising Spots
  • $25 PayPal Cash
  • Blog Makeover or Customized Header
  • Customized PopArt Photo
Let see more detail of it...


Juliana's Lair - $25 PayPal Cash
My Design Workbench - Choice of Blogger Blog Makeover ($60) or Header ($25)
Sweety Tots - Customized Pop-Art Photo
On the Rocks - 10,000 ECs
Diet Recipes - 10,000 ECs - 5,000 ECs
The Path to the Pegasus Letter - 3,000 ECs*
Random Detoxification - 2,000 ECs
Search Engine Panel - 2,000 ECs*
Seek No More - 2,000 ECs
E-Pamilya - 2,000 ECs
Serradinho - 2,000 ECs
A Singaporean in London - 2,000 ECs
Nesting Buddy - 1,500 ECs
My Barefoot Journey - 1,500 ECs
Gadgets and Software - 1,200 ECs
Everything Has a Reason - 1,000 ECs
Dota Hero Guide - 1,000 ECs
Blogtactic - 1,000 ECs*
Juliana's World - 1,000 ECs
Juliana's Lair - 1,000 ECs
My Library - 1,000 ECs
24 Patrol - 1,000 ECs
Michael Aulia - Technology & Reviews - 1,000 ECs
Cheapest Airfare & Travel Tips - 1,000 ECs
The Basketball Nonsense - 1,000 ECs
Kid Tech Guru - 125x125 for one month (X2 spots)
Contest Whiz - 125x125 for one month
The Melvin Blog - 125x125 for one month
Serradinho - Text link for one month
Computer and Net - 125x125 for one month
Juliana's Lair - 125x125 for one month
My Library - 125x125 for one month - 125x125 for one month
E-Pamilya - 125x125 for one month
Webomatik - 125x125 for one month
Forex Trading & More Online Opportunities - 125x125 for one month

*Contact MammaDawg (instead of sponsor) for transfer of Entrecard Credits


Gin E said...

Hi Sherry! Congratz! I'm one of the sponsors (e-Pamilya). Kindly send me your entrecard profile detail and code of the 125x125 ad you wish me to put in my site. My email address is nanaygin at gmail dot com.

Gin E said...

Already found your entrecard detail and I've sent the 2000 ec. Just need your 125x125 ad.

Again, congratz!

Sherry said...

thank you Gin E will send you the ad right away

George Serradinho said...


Sherry, what is your ec details? I have to transfer the 2000 EC's to you.

Dhyarga said...

Congrats sherry

suwari said...

Sherry, you are lucky. Congrats about the winning.

Sherry said...

thank you dhyarga and suwari, george I have left comment at your blog.

Sherry said...

thank Gin E got the EC :)

Sherry said...

received 16,000 ECs from:

-On the Rocks (10,000)
-The Path to the Pegasus Letter(3,000)
-Search Engine Panel (2,000)
-Blogtactic (1,000)

webomatik said...

Hi Sherry and congrats, good prizes there.

Your 125x125 banner is up on my blog until 7th April, check it : webomatik - web is our playground


Sherry said...

thank you webomatik