Monday, March 9, 2009

Money Tree

I like to know if you like money, I do think that everyone like money. Money is where we get to buy things that we want and paying the bills. The other I went for inquiry of the gym center nearby my place. They have got less than ten members working out from what I see. I thought their fees will be cheaper than other gyms since they are only opened for four years. I was wrong about that, I was shock to know the fees per member will cost $338 per month. This is the fees that I need to pay for every month which has not included the other miscellaneous fees.

What I found out is that they have many classes' I can join and they will not have personal trainer to attend to me because the package will be more expensive. It just a thought that I want to find out how much is their fees and time of class. The classes time is all clashed with my time. Worst is that I do not have that kind of money to pay for the gym. It will be better I go for walk at the garden which is free.

The sales manager even approached me saying that money is not a problem. She give me best rate $149 per month. I was thinking if she can gives me $49 per month, I will sign up. The reason the fees are expensive because they have got many branches in the country and outside of the country. She told me the fees are $169 per month is where I can go any of their gym centers in the country.

If I have the money tree that growing money for me, it won't be a problem at all. The sales manager know that I do not have enough money even asked me if I have got credit cards or bank account this way they can auto charge the account every month. She is right about one thing, if I continue consider about it this will takes me a longer time to join the gym.

I do not mind that at all as I have got is time. I think some people will rather spend the money on casino online than going to the gym. Health is important and getting fit is important I am sure I can find other way to do that rather than join the gym.

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