Thursday, March 5, 2009

502 posts and 502 comments

It is amazing today I have reached the total of 502 posts and 502 comments. Do you see the numbers are the same?

I have the Blog Statistics at my left bar that is how I able to know how many posts I have done and how comments I have got on this blog.

This is exciting, year I have got 400 posts. As for this month only 102 posts, I wonder how many posts can I reached by end of the year.

Yeah I just complete my job claiming my Prize for MammaDawg's Everglow Party. I just need to wait response of the Sponsors of the contest.


Karthik said...

Your ad is up on :)

Sherry said...

hi Karthik thanks for inform me.

trading resource said...

I added ur banner in my blog