Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Do things you love to do

I am sure everyone has got things that they love to do. Besides blogging, I love to take part in contest and giveaway. I was lucky to have won the contest that I took part. I do not win in every contest it is fun to take part in contest. That is why I am posting my winning on my blogs to know that I have won contest that I took part. This way I am able to check whether I have received the prize or not.

The contests that I won, I am still in the process of claiming. This will takes time for me to do so. I find that it is a challenge to take part in a contest. You need to put in your effort and work! I am working hard in contest that I took part now. I am sure you will know which contest if you are reading my blogs.

It has been two months and my pinky posh is still down. Even my friend's blogs are the same. I have not seen her online. I need to find her email address again. This has been a tired day for me so I am just looking for gaming available on Internet. Look at that Poker Strategy, tell me what do you think of it. During Chinese New Year, I have no chance of playing poker because most of them are playing mahjung.


MommaWannabe said...

Sherry your prize ad space from spread the love contest is now up !


Sherry said...

thank you jade!